Half of The Earth’s People Say, These Exotic Fruits Are Strange

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samlike.net – Fruit is one of the healthy foods that are needed to make our body healthy and fit, both when young and old. Mostly, fruits have antioxidants that can maintain our body’s immunity. And most importantly, the fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and other important substances that can maintain body fitness.

For countries with tropical climates, they are among those rich in exotic fruits. Fruits with various colors, vitamins and flavors are almost all there. Starting from the scaly skin, thorny skin, thin skin, soft or stiff.

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Fruits with strange shapes and good taste also exist. For example srikaya, durian or dragon fruit.

Even so, in other countries there are also exotic fruits that are no less exotic and delicious. Here are some types of exotic fruits in the world, which we have summarized specifically for you.

Exotic Fruits

1. Arbutus Unedo fruit

This strawberry arbutus fruit tree is spread in Europe. Originally from the Mediterranean, France and Ireland and often the tree is referred to as “Killarney“. Produces red fruit with a diameter of 1-2 cm with a rough surface. The fruit also tends not to be eaten while still raw, because it is very starchy and tasteless. Usually, it must be processed first and made into jams or drinks.

If in Madrid, this exotic fruit is known as the name “Madrono” is a symbol of the city. If you visit Madrid, then you will find a statue of a bear eating Madrono trees in the city center.

According to Spaniards, that there used to be a lot of bears that lived in the forests around Madrid and there grew a tree called madrono with red fruit, a rather bitter sweet taste, of course the bears like it very much.

Now, there are no more bears living in the forest. Whereas madrono trees can still be found in Botanical Gardens.

2. Red Bayberry Fruit

Having the scientific name Myrica Rubra, this exotic fruit comes from Asia and is often referred to as Chinese Berry which can also be found in Japan, Korea and the Philippines. The fruit is purplish white, but some are bright red.

The surface of the skin is rough, similar to lychees but the taste is very sweet with only one seed in it. This fruit is rarely eaten raw and is usually enjoyed as canned fruit, dried, or can also go through the fermentation process first.

The University of Queensland Australia immediately tested the planting of typical Chinese fruit, Red Bayberry for the first time commercially outside Asia. The exotic fruit has been planted in China for centuries, and now many are looking for it because of its sweet taste and its benefits are very good for health, one of them because of its high antioxidant level.

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3. Buddha’s Hand Exotic Fruits

Other exotic fruits are the Buddha’s Hand, which is the type of citrus which originates from India and China. Closed fingers that are similar to Buddha’s hand, so that the fruit is called the Buddha’s hand.

The scientific name of this Buddha Hand is Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis. The Buddha’s hand has almost no flesh and sometimes no seeds.

Almost all of the contents are only in the form of fruit peels. This fruit skin contains a lot of essential oils so it smells very sharp and tastes bitter.

Some of the benefits of this fruit is if the fruit’s skin is cut and sliced, it can be used as a room deodorizer or clothes fragrances.

If the sliced fruit is dried, it can be a medicinal ingredient or it can also be made as a cake decoration.

4. Medlar Fruit

This fruit comes from West Asia and is also found in Eastern Europe. This fruit is very popular on the Turkish coast and has been cultivated for more than 3000 years. The fruit is brownish red with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters.

Fresh fruit is very difficult to consume as usual, because it tastes tender. Usually this fruit is mixed in food and leaves the taste or texture of the apple sauce.

China is believed to be the origin of Medlar, known as “Loquat” in Cantonese. Lou (the name of a tree) and Gwat (which is orange). So that it can be interpreted as a tree with orange fruit.

In an area located in southeastern China. found 14 species of the genus Eriobotrya with one hundred variants. The original species has small fruit with sweet and sour taste.

Besides being able to be eaten fresh, residents of the bamboo curtain country prefer to use Loquat to decorate their yard. Because of the many benefits, Japan was interested in developing since 1,000 years ago.

Because of its shape like Plums, it is often called Japanese Plum and others call Japanese Medlar.

5. Natal Plum Fruit

Also called Carissa Macrocarpa, Natal Plum is a shrub that is commonly grown in South Africa. This fruit generally grows on the coast and Natal, so it is named Natal Plum.

Only the fruit can be eaten raw and non-toxic. The fruit is rather limp, filled and red.

This fruit can be eaten raw or mixed into cakes, jellies, jams and drinks. It tastes sweet but not common to be eaten and cultivated.

On the African continent this fruit plant is known as “Large Num-Num“. Apart from being a fruit, it is also good for decoration because the leaves are dark green and shiny, and produce snow-white flowers and smell good at night.

Similar to midnight candy, other types of flower plants that also produce odor must be fragrant at night. Once flowering, it can take months. The fruit that when ripe is red and looks good.


Such are some exotic fruits in the world, hopefully the information above is useful. Maybe the fruits mentioned above aren’t strange, but more unique because their existence is separated on various continents on this earth.

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