Nicole Mclaughlin the Hypebeast Shoe Designer from a Vintage Jacket

  • Whatsapp – The difference in times has been felt, changes in fashion styles have also changed greatly. For young people today, it doesn’t feel cool if it’s not in Hypebeast style as its outfit. The style of streetwear but using expensive brands seems to be a fashion trend for young people today.

Most of them only aim to be appreciated on social media or to be considered the coolest in their social environment. But unfortunately, not everyone has the capital to dress up all branded and hypebeast, so the good side is to make many people think creatively creating unique and interesting fashion and accessories.

Like Nicole Mclaughlin who succeeded in making footwear such as Hypebeast style shoes from materials not thought of by others, namely vintage jackets and brand emblems.

Nicole’s name surfaced after the product design was viral on the Instagram page. Nicole is known to often ride a branded product that looks very unique. One of the designs is shoes to sandals made from old vintage jackets from well-known brands.

nicole mclaughlin

It doesn’t require a lot of equipment to make it, here are some tools commonly used to make his unique hypebeast shoes.

  1. Pin
  2. Hammer
  3. Mat
  4. Rotary knife
  5. Scissors
  6. Vintage jackets (with an average parachute)
  7. Sole

Overview of how to make unique hypebeast shoes

First of all, you can start by folding the jacket material which is usually made from parachutes, then formed according to the size of the feet, then cut according to the needs until the sewing stage.

Whereas the sole uses an unused sandals.

If everything has been sewn and combined, you can see for yourself how cool Nicole’s shoes are.

Of course it’s not just footwear from jackets that is unique, because Nicole also makes many amazing shoes and slipper creations with even crazier material.

Like the camera strap material, then pieces of Shuttlecock badminton which if seen at a glance the shape resembles a caterpillar. There is also a soccer ball and a volleyball that is not missed made into a Slipper. In addition, there are also slippers from balloons to swim bags.

Oh yeah, besides shoes and sandals, Nicole is also great at making upcycle to other fashion forms. Like making a crossbody bag from a jacket, juggling hiking packs into pants, a travel bag becomes a vest and even an eco-friendly shopping bag is made into a vest too.

As if nothing was impossible for Nicole.

Reebook Designer

Actually Nicol McLaughlin has started his career in the field of sports since he was in college. To get rid of boredom at work, he began looking for entertainment hobbies outside of graphic design. One of them creates unique fahsion from clothes to shoes.

Nicole’s first DIY project was a shirt that was made using Dover Street Market tissue paper until it developed a lot until now.

Where did Nicole get the ingredients?

He usually gets all the branded materials he gets from thrift stores, eBay or uses defective and defective products. Of course Nicole does not use new products for her unique fashion creations, because it will be very expensive and drain money too.

Nicole is one proof that appearing cool doesn’t have to be expensive. Dare to not use anti mainstream fashion works.

Silahkan kunjungi situs resmi dan Instagramnya untuk melihat lebih banyak koleksi kreatif dari Nicole Mclaughlin.

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