Unique Tourist Attractions, Making Tourists Want To Behave Well

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samlike.net – Unique tourist attractions, generally become one of the goals of a person or a group of people spending vacation time. Tourist attractions are usually synonymous with a beautiful place, where visitors can get a pleasant and entertaining experience.

However, this is not the case with some of the following tourist attractions. These places actually have different concepts. Maybe this isn’t a problem for you horror fans, but for those who don’t, some of these places are scary.

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And here is a haunted tourism destination in the world.

European Ossuaries, France

European Ossuaries, France

Ossuary is a building or site that is made as the final resting place of human skeletal remains. Previously, these bodies remained buried in the cemetery in general. Then after a few years, the remains of human bones in the cemetery will be removed and placed in the Osuary.

As a place of human skeletons in Europe, it is estimated that around 230,000 people died in battle “verdun, 1916” and collected here.

The Battle of Verdun itself was a battle between Germany and France during the first world war, on February 21 – December 18, 1916. The war occurred in the hilly area north of the city of Verdun, in northern France.

Overall, this Verdun battle was the longest and most terrifying battle during the first world war. The war resulted in more than 1/4 million people being killed on the battlefield and at least 1/2 million people were injured.

Has a function as a memorial and a place to store human skeletons. There are at least 130 bones identified as French and German soldiers.

Mystery funeral tour, Japan

Mystery funeral tour, Japan

This Samurai country not only offers cultural, culinary and beautiful scenery. But also thick things that smell mystery. This tour is one of the Haunted Tokyo Tours series. Where the visitors will surround several areas in Tokyo, such as the oldest public cemetery in the Japanese capital, the history of the cherry country is terrible.

The visitors will later find answers, why the curious spirits that are there cannot rest in peace. In addition, the tour will also present stories about harakiri, bloody coup attempt, and stories of artists whose bones were stolen.

A tour that takes around 2-3 hours will provide a tense experience for visitors.

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer, are favorite tourist attractions in Singapore. However, in addition to tourist attractions that look modern, it turns out that Singapore has a tourist spot that has a different theme from the others.

The tourist attraction is Haw Par Villa.

Tourist attractions are located at 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore. This place can make the visitors shudder, because Haw Par Villa is a hell-themed amusement park.

This tourist attraction was opened from 1937. It has more than a thousand sculptures and dioramas depicting Chinese legends and myths, as well as describing the stages in hell.

Even though the purpose of this tour is to educate children, remind children that they will not do evil during their lifetime. However, parents also have to be careful and give understanding or explanation of the statues to their children.

Visiting Haw Par Villa, visitors don’t need to spend money because it’s free. And this amusement park is open from 9am to 7pm.

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, Thailand

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Not only in Singapore, there is also a theme park in Bangkok Thailand. The park is named The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden which is located in chonburi.

When entering this park, we will be greeted with the words “welcome to hell“. And after going through the gate, of course we will see various kinds of engineering scenes, like in hell.

This park is filled with human-like statues that are being punished for the sins that have been committed.

Like a human-like statue boiled in a copper-plated cauldron. And there are also human punishments torn by hell dogs.

In addition to these creepy depictions, there are also quotes in the park that remind people to do good.


And that’s some of the horror tourist attractions in the world. Interested in visiting? For those who have visited the place mentioned, please give their impressions about the place. Sorry I can’t load a lot of pictures, because it’s too creepy.

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