Must know! 5 Most Amazing Iconic Water Bridges in the World

  • Whatsapp – Tower Bridge in England, Oliveira Bridge in Brazil and Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on Banpo Bridge in South Korea. Are some amazing bridges in the world that function to connect one area to another.

If a bridge is usually passed by motorized vehicles, the following bridges are designed so that the ship can be passed. This bridge is known as the water bridge.

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The artificial canal that is channeled by water connects one canal to a separate canal, due to differences in height. The water bridge itself can be built on rivers, valleys, railroads or highways.

Uniquely, some water bridges are not only designed as regular crossings. They are even designed as an attractive recreation area by building bicycle paths or walking trails on the right and left of the bridge. So that tourists can enjoy the scenery around and from the water bridge, like the following bridges.

Briare Aqueduct in France

Briare Aqueduct in France

The city of Paris in France is certainly synonymous with the Louvre museum, Champ Elysees or the Eiffel tower. But apparently, Paris also has one of the most amazing water bridges in the world.

The bridge named Briare is a water bridge that holds the longest record, as the longest water bridge in the world.

For 100 years, from 1896-2003 there was no water bridge that could defeat the length of the Briare bridge. This bridge was built to connect the Loire and Seine rivers, reaching 662 meters in length.

After it was completed in 1642, the water bridge was immediately empowered to develop the wheat trade in France at that time.

Even so, the Briare water bridge was inaugurated by the government on 16 September 1896.

The bridge which is also considered the best navigation system was built by two engineers named LĂ©once-Abel Mazoyer and Charles Sigault. However, the installation of stones and piers was completed in 1890 and 1896 by Gustave Eiffel.

A lot of interference from French experts, makes the design and architecture of the bridge very classic and Epic. The scenery around the bridge is arguably able to spoil your eyes. Because on the left and right of the bridge, there is a vast green park filled with shady trees.

So, not only people on boats who can enjoy this view, the left and right bridges are also equipped with pedestrian paths, so tourists can take a walk while enjoying the views of the park and the classic architecture of the Briare bridge.

Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

The next amazing water bridge is a bridge that can defeat the Briare bridge in the longest in the world. With a total length of 918 meters, the Magdeburg water bridge in Germany has finally been named the longest water bridge in the world.

The bridge flows 690 meters above the ground, and 228 meters above the Elde river.

The water bridge that connects the Elbe-Havel canal to the Mittelland canal, is also known as a symbol of the unification of West Germany and East Germany. The bridge was built with a very long and wide, so that it can be passed by large ships loaded with goods.

The construction which began in 1997 spent 6 years and cost around 500 million euros.

Like several other water bridges, the Magdeburg water bridge also provides pedestrian paths on the right and left sides. So, this place is also used as a recreational facility for tourists.

There are also several cruise ships that provide tours through this giant water bridge.

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Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in United Kingdom

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in United Kingdom

For those of you who plan to visit the UK, passing Pontcysyllte is one of the tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss. Because riding a small boat, passing this water bridge has become one of the popular places for tourists.

The Pontcysyllte water bridge is built above the Dee river valley, which connects coal mines to the national canal system through the Ellesmere canal.

The bridge, which was built in the period 1975-1805, is considered to be the biggest achievement in terms of architecture in it’s time. Even this bridge is also considered as a world heritage site, as well as the longest and highest water bridge in the UK.

This bridge has a length of 304 meters and a width of about 3.4 meters.

While this bridge is a curved building built with a height of 38 meters and a water depth of 1.6 meters.

After being able to boost the coal industry in his day, now the water bridge in England is able to boost the attractiveness of foreign tourists. Especially for those of you who have children, this attraction is perfect to bring them to the unique experience of enjoying natural scenery in England.

Pont Du Sart Aqueduct in Belgium

Pont Du Sart Aqueduct in Belgium

This bridge is located in the western Belgium region. The water bridge named Pont Du Sart is a bridge that functions to connect Centrumkanaal, which is a water canal in western Belgium that is separated by settlements in lower settlements.

The location itself is right at the intersection between the N55 and the N535 road, near the city of Houdeng-Goegnies.

In addition to it’s different location compared to other water bridges, this one water bridge is also known as the weight of the building. How not, the Pont Du Sart water bridge is composed of a 498 meter concrete frame and 46 meters wide.

The concrete frame is supported by 28 other concrete pillars, each of which is 3 meters in diameter. If added, the total weight of the building can be said to reach 65,000 tons. So it’s not wrong, if it is said that this water bridge has an amazing building weight.

Veluwemeer Aqueduct Water Bridge in Netherlands

Veluwemeer Aqueduct Water Bridge

The bridge is known to have the most amazing architecture and is able to deceive your eyes. Why is that, because when you see this water bridge, you seem to see a highway that seems dead-end because of a bridge.

Though under the water bridge, there are tunnels that connect the highway. The water bridge that connects the Dutch land with Flevoland, is located in the middle of the Veluwemeer lake.

Although the architecture is unique, this bridge isn’t made along other water bridges, because it only stretches for 25 meters with a width of 19 meters. While the water depth in the lake reaches 3 meters and is usually by small vessels.


In addition to functioning as a land link, unique and historical value bridge designs will certainly be a special attraction for tourists. And that’s the most amazing water iconic bridges in the world that you should know. Thank you for those of you who are willing to share this article to your social media.

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